Cum Covered Business Woman

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Cum Covered Business Woman

Wifey always know how to look like a professional. Whether it is sucking down a huge cock, taking a large load of cum all over her beautiful face or looking like the CEO of a successful company. Business woman is right up there with schoolgirl in my opinion. Something about a beautiful busty amateur dressed in her finest business attire with a large load of cum splattered all over her face gets me all worked up.

Cum Covered Business Woman

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All Business Wifey

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All Business Wifey All Business Wifey

I love women in business suits, they exude power, and it’s just plain sexy. I’ve always had a fantasy of having one of my bosses at work, just taking her in her office, removing her suit and playing with her big tits. They’re so well covered in her suit coats, but you can tell they’re quite large. This scene from Wifey’s World is basically my fantasy at work. Wifey dresses up like a sexy business woman, then role plays with her husband who’s really boss. Her husband is looking for a raise, but in this economy Wifey is going to give him a different kind of raise. Now this is what I call economic stimulus.