All Business Wifey

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All Business Wifey All Business Wifey

I love women in business suits, they exude power, and it’s just plain sexy. I’ve always had a fantasy of having one of my bosses at work, just taking her in her office, removing her suit and playing with her big tits. They’re so well covered in her suit coats, but you can tell they’re quite large. This scene from Wifey’s World is basically my fantasy at work. Wifey dresses up like a sexy business woman, then role plays with her husband who’s really boss. Her husband is looking for a raise, but in this economy Wifey is going to give him a different kind of raise. Now this is what I call economic stimulus.

Wifey Guest Lana Cox

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Wifey Guest Lana Cox

Hi, I am Lana Cox. I have hours of video footage and picture sets, and its all 100% EXCLUSIVE, i update twice a week one picture set and video,you won’t want to leave your computer alone.Sometimes I am your madam and you are my slave,or a boss in my office,or just a spoilt rich bitch that I am… I love to tease in my 6 inch heels,STOCKINGS,FEET,CUM ON MY FEET, BLOW JOBS,HOT AND HORNY SEX AND TASTING CUM… So what are you waiting for CUM INSIDE …

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Wifey Guest Lana Cox

Wifey with Glasses

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Well we’re back- Hubby’s almost healthy again after a week long bout with a nsaty flu bug. And wouldn’t you know it, when it rains it pours! My boss at the factory came in and told me that most of my department was getting laid off. He asked me into his office and locked the door (which seemed suspicious, lol)

Wifey with Glasses

Well, I’m sure all of you can use your imaginations to figure out what happened. I’m still on the payroll and the bosses dried semen is still all over my chest and mouth (and new skirt by the way, the guy was a mess!!)

Come on over and check it out!!

Getting Messy for the Boss

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I LOVE the fantasy of having to fuck or suck my Boss in order to save my job

FINALLY back from our 7 week trek out of the state and am SO happy to be back home. Now we can get back to doing what we like to do best (yes, that would be ORGASMS, gentlemen, ORGASMS..)

Fuck I have been horny lately (can I say Fuck?)- I think it’s a combination of the hot weather and the fact that I haven’t left my little muff alone for the last week. We drove up north and back and what else can you do on a long drive other than fantasize about sex and play with your spouse’s weenie while he tries to avoid flying off into a ditch?

This week was actually my idea. I LOVE the fantasy of having to fuck or suck my Boss in order to save my job or get a needed raise. It’s a sick whore/submissive/slut thing all mingled into one naughty mess. So if you add in the blindfold part and have the guy cover my new clothes with his sperm it makes for something wonderful :)

Enough talk- come check it out!

Wifey Guest – Mckenzie

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My boss asked me to go to her house today and pick up paperwork she forgot. So I get there and I grab the papers, but I see some of her Gstrings hanging out. I decided to sniff them and play with myself as I thought about how hot Mckenzie is. She catches me in the act and asks me to eat her pussy and with no problem I ate it loving every second. She started showing off her huge tits, and I fucked them so good I almost busted all over her face… Enjoy..

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