Wifey as a Bare Boobed River Nymph

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Bare Boobed River Nymph

I do a decent amount of fly fishing here in the Pacific Northwest and will often employ a nymph fly to reel in a 12 incher while wading in one of our beautiful rivers. It never occured to me that the term nymph also easily applies to a bare assed and bare breasted temptress displaying her luscious form along the banks of a stream. This photo of Wifey with her posing in the nude outdoors certainly meets the river nymph criteria! Can you imagine hiking through the woods looking for a deep hole with which to put your rod to use and stumbling across the site of Wifey’s glorious 34f amateur tits! Fucking a horny amateur housewife in public and outdoors with the warm rays of the sun on your back must be quit an experience. No more fish puns, I promise