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Wifeys World Videos Wifeys World Videos

Hi Everyone! Hope you all are staying warm and horny this winter (is it still winter, anyway?) We visited Arizona last week and it was actually SNOWING. I thought it was cold up in the NW, lol.. Anyway, the weather did improve down there and I actually got to get a little sun on my big boobies (actually a little TOO much sun as I got a little sunburn on my nipples). Kinda hurt later when hubby started sucking on them. He made sure to let me know that his cock wasn’t sunburned so no problem w/me returning the favor icon smile Wifeys World Videos There is something about the warm weather that really gets me horny. Is it just me or are you all the same way? Being able to lounge around in a tiny top with no bra on in public gets me hot. I guess I’m a pervert or something but I do like the attention icon smile Wifeys World Videos This week I told Hubby that I wanted him to blast me with a big facial and he didn’t disappoint. It’s funny, when I was a teenager I didn’t have a problem with blowing my boyfriends and having them cum in my mouth or on my face, but as I’ve gotten older it’s become one of my strongest fetishes. I can’t tell you how many times I have climaxed while fantasizing about having multiple cumshots to the face while I am using a vibrator and masturbating myself. Who knows, maybe one day it may happen.. icon wink Wifeys World Videos see you next week!

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