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Wifey House Hunting Blow

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Wifey and her husband from Wifey’s World went out looking for a new house to rent. Of course wifey wore a little t-shirt letting her huge knockers hang out teaseing everyone!

Wifey House Hunting Blow

Suddenly Wifey got excited and got a brilliant idea. She wanted to have sex right there, if only to give her husband a quick blow!

I can see it now… “Ahhh, come on honey, it would fun to get off in this empty house….”

With tits like Wifey’s…. how could you say no?

Wifey House Hunting Blow

Her husband didn’t need much prodding and quicly exposed his massive cock. Wifey prompty got down on her knees and started sucking!

Wifey House Hunting Blow

And then when you least expect it – POP! Wifey isn’t afraid of cum and seems to enjoy having her husband come all over her face. She also loves the taste of cum too!


No wonder why he got married! We wish all of us had a wife as willing as Wifey from Wifey’s World!!!

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