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Wifey Orgasmic Shudders

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In case you were wondering about my obsession with Wifey, the progression of arousal goes something like this:

  • Wifey show up in some hot little dress with a short skirt, or some skimpy lingerie.
  • Wifey may or may not be wearing underwear. She is a dirty girl, and Wifeysworld ain’t for sissies.
  • Wifey pulls those magnificent DD-cup natural boobs out and usually drives me crazy pinching her nipples and flicking her big areolae.
  • Wifey gets around to sliding a finger or two up into her hot wet vagina, first parting her lips, spreadking them for our view, then curling said finger up into that magic g-spot area.
  • Wifey movies clearly show orgasmic shudders, or shrieks, or clenches.
  • My chubby never seems to go away.

1 Wifey Orgasmic Shudders

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